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I did a BA Hons degree in fine art at Farnham Art College many years ago and I have just started to paint again.

My focus at the moment is flowers. In my head it’s the landscape of flowers and the shapes between that interest me. I think I have a lot of practising to do before I can express that on canvas and I have a sneaky feeling that no matter how much I do I will always feel that way.

I work in oils. .

I am a single mum and until about 2 years ago I lived on a narrow boat in the Midlands. I loved that way of life but there was no room for painting. I now have a house in Surrey and have just taken delivery of my new garden shed or studio, well I’m going to use it to paint in and I’m quit excited and scared.

I have three canvases ready to go and space in a small exhibition in November. As soon as they are done I will put them on this site.

ps: most of my paintings are for sale except the ones with “nfs” (not for sale) next to them, I just haven’t figured out how to go about doing that yet??? Coming soon? Or if you’re interested, leave a message.

pps: this site is in its infancy and I intend to add descriptions and prices so keep visiting for updates. Also, see my work at